Brian Whitestone

Writer. Photographer

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Brian Whitestone

Freelance writer and photographer based in Ottawa.
Traveller to lands near and far.



Spirit of the Oldman

The Oldman's history is like its meandering course; interwoven with twists and turns. To the Blackfoot people, the river was sacred; sustaining and nourishing their lives. They lived in an interdependent relationship with the river, through unimpeded access. Yet with time and a developing agricultural economy in southern Alberta, pressure on the Oldman grew.
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Chasing Gold

A fly fishing trip report from the Rio Parana, Argentina in search of the legendary Golden Dorado.
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Time For a Digital Detox

A review article on the excessive use of technology by our youth and alternative strategies.
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My Blog.

Creative musings while out and about.
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Brian Whitestone

I am a freelance writer and photographer.

Although my background is in the medical sciences, I am leveraging the discipline and attention to detail I cultivated as a surgeon into writing and photography.

I have written for periodicals in Canada and have also published an illustrated children's book in 2014, which received favourable reviews.

I enjoy creating a great story and doing the associated research. My tone is flexible and adaptable to the audience.

I am based in Ottawa when not traipsing about.



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